Thursday, 22 May 2008

Free Ways to Make Money Online

If you want to earn money online but have little or no money then there are a number of options available to you.


Blogger is basically the only blogging platform I have found that is free and you are allowed to make money from it in basically any way you wish. You can use Adsense and also affiliate links. Just as long as what you have created is not spam and you have looked at the TOS generally. The disadvatage to using blogger is that you don’t really own what you have created. You aren’t allowed to sell your blog, an if you do sell it you probably won’t get as much for it as you really deserve. Also, who knows, blogger might go bust and you will lose everything. This is very unlikely to happen however because it’s owned by Google and they have a very healthy bank balance as far as I know.

Some people might say that you have an advantage with blogger because it’s owned by Google but I tend not to find this to be the case. However you can get indexed without even getting any links but in order to get ranked in Google you need anchored links.

Google really seems to like and you don’t even need to get much in the way of links. The problem is that it’s very difficult to make money from wordpress directly due to them being very strict about this. You can’t have adsense or click bank affiliate links. They do allow other types of affiliate links from the likes of commision junction. Just be careful about how and what you write about. Basically, is for social bloggers rather than internet marketers so be careful not to sound too promotional.


These are basically pages that you can make on just about any topic you desire. You can fill the page with text, photos, video, ebay auction and all sorts of other things. You can get a squidoo lense ranked fairly well in Google but you still need to get back links via normal sources such as blog comments and article directories. The downside to squidoo is that it’s very cluttered and if a visitor arrives at your squidoo lens, they can easily get distracted by all the other links and banners available. However unlike bigger and, you can sell your squidoo lens if you like. I have not done this personally however. I basically use squidoo for the purposes of getting links and just fill my lenses with a bit of text that contains a anchored link plus I also stuff them full of ebay and amazon modules just to pad it out. I make a little bit of money but it’s nothing great.


This is a great way to start making money with Adsense very quickly. However they do take 40% of ad impressions so it’s not as good as having your own website. Of course the benefit is that you can create as many pages as you like and pretty much any topic. If you get some anchored back links to you hubs then google will often rank you very well so it’s easy to get quick traffic. Yahoo also loves hub pages. You need to be careful about what content you create though. If you are going after a overly saturated market such as payday loans or weight loss then you need to make sure that your content is extra special and isn’t just a rehash of everything else. I make pretty OK money with my Hubs and it’s a lot better for me personally than squidoo. Hubpages has a much more simple and clean layout so is better for ad sense CTR.

Of course, in order to be able to make money from these free methods you still have to understand SEO. However using these free methods of making money online will only cost you time and will allow you to experiment with SEO and understand it better. Once you have a basic grasp on making money online you can then spend some money on things that are important - ie links. There are many systems/services that you can buy into but not all of them are worth the money as you can read in this review.

Monday, 19 May 2008

High Search Keywords to Encorage Sploggers

I came across this blog post Splogger Experiment and saw that it's a PR despite the fact that it contains really no content other than 5000 popular search terms. I've decided not to copy the whole list but have taken some and mixed them up a bit.

dvd shrink
baby gifts
barak obama
hiv aids
crate and barrel
cheap holidays
ich und ich
watchers web
polaroids of my wife
michael jackson
men sucking men
online gambling
mega millions
reverse phone number
us bank
ipod movies
mary carey
nj lottery
daily mail
jamie lynn spears
discount toys
rental property
bellasartes y tex
spanking stories
playoff tickets
plus size lingerie
howard stern
dream interpretation