Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Google Took My PR Again

Just as I was saying the other day how to get your PR back, I looked at Shake it Baby and found that my PR had vanished. I have no idea why as I haven't been doing any sponsored reviews. My only guess is that it's because I haven't deleted my account with PPP and someone at google has been manually checking sites listed with them.

I'm not sure if I should bother asking for my PR back again. I don't sell links so it really makes very little difference to me.

Friday, 15 February 2008

How to Get Your Google PageRank Back After PPP

If like me you did some sponsored reviews with PayPerPost (PPP) chances are you have have your Page Rank taken away. If you want it back for whatever reason the best way to go about this is by either deleting all the sponsored posts over 30 days old or adding the no follow tag to the outgoing links.

When you have done this you need to go into your webmaster console and submit a reinclusion request. All you have to write is something like this..

I was doing paid reviews with pay per post but have now deleted (or added no follow to) the links. I will not do any more reviews so please could you give me my PR back.
Because I was doing sponsored reviews for various companies on my blog Shake it Baby I couldn't be bothered to add no follow to all the posts. So I just added them to the links that I did with PPP (I only started blogging for them laterly). I filled in my request and the following day I got my PR back.

However with Natural Health Remedies I still had to wait a few weeks until the 30 days had passed since writing the most recent review. I only put the no follow tag to a few of the reviews and some weeks after filling in a reinculsion request I still hadn't had my PR back.

I then read on another blog that Matt Cutts had left comments about this sort of situation and the problem stems from the fact that bloggers aren't deleting or adding no follow to all the links. The reinclusion request team see this but don't actually tell you that your request was unsuccessful.

So I added no follow to all the links I could and did a re-inclusion request only to have it granted 2 days later.

So if you have requested your PR back and failed, make sure you have done everything you need to otherwise it probably won't get done. It seems however they base their decision on the use of the word "sponsored" so if you have done a review through blogsvertise for instance, they probably won't notice whether you have deleted the link or not.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

How to Get Backlinks with HubPages

We keep being told that we need to get as many backlinks from as many sources as possible. The problem is that it's very easy to spread ourselves too thin and we miss quite a few important details.

A lot of people use HubPages as a variation on EzineArticles.com the problem is that it's NOT. You can't simply write an article, add a few links and expect that to be OK. HubPages is a social site but unlike Squidoo, if your profile score dips below a certain number, all outgoing links have the "no follow" tag attached to it.

Some people still think no follow can help with MSN and Yahoo but if you want to rank with Google it's advisable to get regular do follow links wherever possible.

So How Do You Get Do Follow Links With Hub Pages?

I'm by no means an expert but I have spent a little bit of time looking into it. Basically if you're profile is set to Average (of possibly worse) the no follow tag is attached. When you first sign up you're account will be given a setting of Prodigy but you'll quickly lose this if you're not careful.

Simple steps to follow are:-

Comment on other pages. Don't leave crappy "nice page" comments. Leave something like"I'm terrible at boiling an egg; they always crack. It's probably because I have the heat up too high like you said. I will try out your tips next time."

  • Join other user's fan clubs. Hopefully they will return the favor.
  • Get links pointing to your pages in hope that you get some traffic. If you have a strong StumbleUpon profile you should be able to get at least 50 hits with just the one stumble.
  • Update your pages with images, links, amazon and ebay modules, change the wording of text etc.
I think that's pretty much it. HubPages have implemented this rule to prevent spammers from setting up dozens of accounts. Remember the site is a social site so you need to take part. By doing this you'll increase your score and ensure that all outgoing links are do followed.

Feel free to leave some decent comments on my own pages and join my fanclub. I'll try to do the same for you. Click here to see my profile.


PS I'm also trying to get my Ellen Page blog indexed, please Google, visit this link.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Update on Daily Dosh

A couple of months a go I wrote a post about how I used an article as a press release. Well, back when the Google updated the PR I decided to have a look to see of any of the article/press releases has any page rank. Well, the good news is that one of them had PR3. It think that's pretty good going and makes the experiment a success.

Another thing I had been doing to promote Daily Dosh was to exchange internal links and blogroll links with some people on Digital Point forums. This was pretty times consuming and not something I would really like to to again. I had so many people saying "I have a finance site, do you want to trade links?"

Of course I bloody want to trade links, that's the whole frickin' point!!!

Anyway, I now have a blog which is PR3. I get nothing in the way of traffic but I really need to dig more into the long tail terms. I wasn't expecting to get any traffic for the site as it was all going to be about selling reviews and links. I'll update it every now and again to keep it ticking over. Maybe one day I'll start to get traffic. I haven't really been doing the long tail article writing, this my only attempt: How to Get Rid of Credit Card Debt. Don't get any traffic to that article either. But I live in hope.

I'll just keep doing a few re-writes and bookmarking.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Why You Shouldn't Write for PayPerPost

One of the things I was thinking of doing with writing paid posts for PayPerPost. But after doing so many reviews on other websites I have come to the conclusion that it is way too much work for the amount of time writing them. It's also pretty sole destroying writing review after review about payday loans, vacuum cleaners and shopping comparison sites.

It might be a good thing to do if you're starting out and don't have any money. Writing 10 reviews at $10 each gives you $100 which you can spend on something like Bookmarking Demon.

Instead of spending all my energy on writing pointless reviews I have decided to put that energy into writing more articles, re-writing for article directories, squidoo, huppages etc plus firing up Bookmarking Demon everyday.

My routines is pretty much:-

  • Long Tail- Find a long tail phrase to write about. Generally I just us Google's keyword tool and don't worry too much about finding out what the daily search amounts are. These are never very accurate anyway. I find terms by typing is stuff like "how red wine" or "what flooring." If I really want to get an idea of serch values I use Free Keywords from WordTraker.
  • Research - I then go onto a site like EzineArticles or Buzzle and find a couple of articles on the particular topic I want to write about. I then re-write every single word so that I don't get hammered for stealling content. It can take me a while getting my head around the article but once I've finished I re-write it again
  • Re-Write and Waffle - When re-writing an article it's a lot easier than the first time. I can therefore write it much quicker and waffle my way to an extra hundred words. I've been trying to write at least 700-1,000 words whereas normally I would only do 400-500. The reason is that Grizz of Make Money Online For Beginners says that you can get more keywords into an article but without keyword stuffing. It might also make you look more authoritative.
  • 2nd re-write - I re-write the article again but not 100%. Normally I only re-write half of each paragraph.
  • Submit and Publish - Once I have three versions of each article, I submit one to Article Marketer, one to buzzle.com, goarticles.com, hubpages and squidoo then the longest one will go on my own blog.
  • Social Bookmarking - I then load up Bookmarking Demon to submit a bunch of URLs from my sites and other people's.
Lately I've just been concentrating on my Home Improvement blog as this is making the best money but I also want to try and bolster up my Food and Wine and gardening blogs as I kind of ignored them because they weren't bringing in any money. They used to be static sites but I really hate using Frontpage so I converted them into blogs.

In addition to this I also re-wrote some flooring articles and added loads more waffle to create a blogspot blog How to Install Flooring. I don't actually give people advice on how to install flooring, I just talk about why people should install that particular type of flooring. Normally this isn't something I would ever consider doing but ultimately I really just want to make money. If people don't get what they're looking for, sorry.

Anyway, back to what I was originally writing about. I want to find ways of getting passive income. By expanding and promoting the domains I already own, hopefully I will only need to do a little work to maintain them and stop them from dying. If I spend all my time writing boring reviews, this is time I'm not researching keywords, writing, re-writing and promoting. Does this make sense?

Another point is that Google will find out eventually that you're writing for PPP and take your PR away. You might say "oh, who gives a toss?!" But you wouldn't be saying that when all your work dries up. It won't affect your ranking in the SERPs but you won't be making money from any other paid review service either. Your blog no longer has any value for any advertiser. They only care about the little green bar. And the chances are that you're writing review because you're not getting SE traffic and not making any money.

So you're back to square one. Not making any money online.