Monday, 9 June 2008

How to Make Money Fast

Lots of people turn to the internet as a way to make money online. However the biggest problem people face is being overwhelmed by information. They read, read and read even more and the end result is total confusion. Months can go by with very little action being taken and when people do get started they seem to think that they’ll make money fast. This just isn’t the case and if you think you’ll be able to give up your day job in a matter of a few weeks you are very much delusional. Unless of course you already have skills in internet marketing and SEO etc.

However if you have no skills in keyword research, competition analysis and search engine optimization I suggest that you just get started NOW. Age of a website is one of the most important factors in being ranked well by Google so the quicker you start creating sites and get them indexed, the quicker you will make money. Although I am still very much learning how to make money online myself, I am at a place financially where most people would like to get to. Put it this way, I earn more than Caroline Middlebrook! And I can bet you that I earn more than the average “make money online” blogger who still thinks that getting readers is what’s needed.

So anyway, let’s get to the crunch. If you know nothing about making money online but want a system that will allow you to get started quickly, then here is my guide and this is what I would do if I was starting again. It should be seen as a fast track method ideal for those with limited time due to having a day job and a family to look after.

1. Decide on 10 topics. I suggest you go to for ideas. Basically look at the subcategories and turn these into topics for a blog. Stay away from business and finance topics because these are notoriously difficult to get traffic for. My advice is to look at home, hobbies and leisure because there are plenty of people searching for these topics, there are loads of things you can write about and there are also many advertisers (usually). Try and choose a good cross-section of topics such as:-

Lawn care
Tropical Fish
Scuba Diving

2. If you don’t have any money to spend you should set up a couple of accounts with blogger. Don’t have more than 5 blogs on the same account and also make sure that you vary the topics on each account. In other words, don’t have 5 blogs all about tropical fish on one blogger account because this will look a little strange if you happen to get a visual inspection.

If you have the money to spend then buy a domain name and get some hosting with host gator. When starting out will only need Baby Croc but if you are keen to get loads and loads (eg 20 or more) of domains then you should get a aluminium reseller account.

Having the keyword in your domain helps a lot so basically you would make up something like Motorbike Chaos or Lawn Care Fanatics. You don’t have to worry too much about the exact domain name, just as long as your main keyword is in it.

3. You might feel overwhelmed at the thought of writing 5 articles per blog meaning you need to write 50 articles. Don’t worry, if you just want to fast track you’re way to creating blogs what you just need to do is write a paragraph instead of a whole article. Let’s just say you’re creating a blog on motorbikes and you want 5 blog posts written. What you would do is decide on 5 article titles e.g. Harley Davidson Motorbikes, BMW Motorbikes, Kawasaki Motorbikes, Motorbike Helmets and Motorbike Maintenance. Just write a quick paragraph for each article and publish it. You can do your research on the company websites or at ezinearticles.

4. Blogger blogs can often get indexed themselves however you should always try and get at least a few links pointing to your blogs. This is much easier than you might think. Just go and create an account with Mister Wong, Mixx and Propeller and add each of your blog’s posts to these social bookmarking sites. I have chosen these particular sites because they have a good high Google Page Rank and allow you do get indexed fairly quickly. Personally I use Bookmarking Demon 4 to submit to all the sites I want.

5. If you’ve decided to go down the route of creating bloger blogs you will want a way to see what visitors you are getting. I suggest you sign up with Statcounter as it’s fee and pretty good. Just follow the instructions on how to add the code to your blog.

This whole process shouldn’t take you long at all and within a week you’ll probably have 10 blogs most of which will be indexed and they can then be allowed to start the aging process. Once you have followed the above advice you can then start reading more on SEO, keyword selection, competition analysis, back links, blog farms and all the other things that Griz, Vic and Court now teach you.

Go back through your blog posts and start turning them into proper posts of about 500 words or so filled with lots of nice juicy keywords. Re-write some of the articles and submit them to article directories and do blog comments etc. Taking action is one of the most important things you will have to do when learning how to make money online and if you simply procrastinate and read lots of blog posts instead you really don’t have any chance in making it in this business. You might also need to practice building confidence.