Monday, 7 July 2008

How to Get .info BANS Sites Indexed

03 May 2010 UPDATE: I have given up on this type of business model. It's a waste of time because Google just de-indexes anything that is considered "thin," ie there is no useful information on it. If they don't de-index a thin affiliate site today, it's only a matter of time. So if you want to make money online I suggest you start creating websites full of really good information.

Original Blog Post:
If you are looking for information on how to get your .info BANS sites indexed, chances are you are like me and bought 100 as per Vic's "challenge." When he said to buy 100 .info domains I have to admit that I was surprised because I have always associated .info domains with spam. However I also thought "nothing ventured, nothing gained."

At first the domains were doing pretty well and getting good trickle traffic. However suddenly, like everyone else, I noticed they had all been de-indexed by Google. I hoped that it would just be a matter of time before they got re-indexed but as time passed it seemed like that wasn't going to happen.

Vic talked about getting links to the .info domains but even this didn't work for me. I selected one of the domains and concentrated my efforts on to it. I submitted three articles with Article Marketer, got about a dozen links from Backlink Solutions, threw some links to it from my own sites, did a few comments and also submitted it to a lot of web directories using Director Submitter. It's still not indexed.

I then find out that the reason the .info BANS sites got de-indexed in the first place is because of black hatters creating about 100,000 .info BANS sites using YACG (Yet Another Content Generator).

Although I own 100 .info domains, I only got around to developing around a third of them when the de-indexing occurred. I didn't see any point in developing any more until I found out what has been happening. Anyway, Vic then talked about using the .info domains as part of our infrastructure in terms of either adding blogger blogs to it or perhaps a scuttle site.

I then had an idea about how to get my .info BANS sites indexed and decided to do an experiment. I have only tried it with one of the sites but to my delight I indeed got it indexed. Here's how I got it indexed:-

  1. Installed a blogger blog on the index just as Justin describes on his video about setting up a custom domain with blogger.
  2. Wrote a welcome post and mentioned how much I love the particular product.
  3. Left a few comments on the Blogger Unleashed contest blogs. My blog looked like a piece of shit and thought that the contest bloggers were more likely to approve my comment.
  4. Within a few days my .info blog was indexed.
  5. I then waited a couple of days more and installed BANS into a subfolder. I only created a home page and didn't work any individual product pages.
  6. I then linked my welcome post to the BANS store and wrote some more waffling blog posts about the product.
  7. Within a number of days my BANS store has been indexed by Google and is still there.

My .info site is very much in the sandbox however I do rank on the first page for the words in the domain name. I just need to be getting more links to the site as per normal via Article Marketer and such like.

At the moment I am doing the same experiment but installing the blogger blog into a subfolder named "blog" and will then install the BANS site on the root of the domain. If you install blogger into a subfolder just make sure that you have the ftp address as "public_html/blog", otherwise blogger will install all the files in the root of your domain rather than the subfolder.

If you have any .info domains sitting around I suggest you try what I have detailed above and hope you are successful in getting indexed. I have yet to try this with .info domains that I've already got BANS sites installed but will eventually get around to doing a bit more experimenting. If anyone has their own experiences to share, please let me know. Obviously it's all a bit more extra work doing it this way but who ever said that making money online was easy?


mikel said...

Thanks for a good overview of the indexing issue and a clear suggestion of what to do about it. I'm also trying similar strategies and you've reminded me to keep notes of each variation. I have tried a couple of methods, different from what you described, without results yet, but the sites still need some work.

April Kerr said...

Thanks mikel. If you have success please let me know.

aravind said...

Hi april.......i just found a link to ur blog from grizzly's blog.................coool blog u must have made a lot of reearch in this's very informative.....

Bloggingzombie said...

Good Job April. I have seen a lot of my .info BANS coming back as well by themselves. The ones that I noticed are, are the ones that little to no link building have been done. :)

April Kerr said...

I have not had any of my .info BANS sites get indexed other than the way I described above. I need to see it myself to beleive it ;)

Mirjam said...

Hi April :)
I did read the 100 .info challenge and thought about going for it as well, in the end I did not get 100 of them, way less than that, but I really haven´t had that much trouble getting my .info sites indexed.

Maybe it has to do that in the end I did not install bans rather made a normal website/blog on them, and it did not even take that long to have them indexed like any other .com website. Must have been lucky LOL

one .info got fully indexed within 2 weeks, and is actually ranking on first page for a good number of good keywords after a month and receiving traffic from that!

Anyways, I got here because of your comment on my blog, just wanted to let you know I had to save it from my spambox :S

Going to have a look at the rest of this blog, since I really enjoyed this post, good luck to you with BANS!

April Kerr said...

Thanks Mirjam

I think Askimet has been a bit over zealous about askimeting people. If you leave several comments one after the other you are put into the askiment even if no one has actually flagged you as spam. I know this because I leave comments on my own blogs. LOL.

Google has certainly had the problem with the .info + BANS combo. Blogs are perfectly fine to get indexed. I actually noticed 2 of my .info BANS sites that I had created months ago had been indexed. But they've promptly been de-indexed again. Don't have a clue what is going on in the brain of Google!

Mberenis said...

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lissie said...

Do you have an update on this experiment April. I haven't had much problem getting a normal WP adsense blog indexed and stayed indexed on a an info - so I am now going to try your approach to see if I can get another info indexed!

April said...

Lissie, I have tried to install blogger blogs onto .info BANS sites I developed at the time and haven't have any success in getting them indexed. I have also tried adding related youtube videos and this doesn't work.

However .info BANS sites that I had sitting around doing nothing seem to be indexed very easily when I add BANS to them. All I have to do is submit an article with Article Marketer and they get indexed in a matter of hours.

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