Friday, 15 February 2008

How to Get Your Google PageRank Back After PPP

If like me you did some sponsored reviews with PayPerPost (PPP) chances are you have have your Page Rank taken away. If you want it back for whatever reason the best way to go about this is by either deleting all the sponsored posts over 30 days old or adding the no follow tag to the outgoing links.

When you have done this you need to go into your webmaster console and submit a reinclusion request. All you have to write is something like this..

I was doing paid reviews with pay per post but have now deleted (or added no follow to) the links. I will not do any more reviews so please could you give me my PR back.
Because I was doing sponsored reviews for various companies on my blog Shake it Baby I couldn't be bothered to add no follow to all the posts. So I just added them to the links that I did with PPP (I only started blogging for them laterly). I filled in my request and the following day I got my PR back.

However with Natural Health Remedies I still had to wait a few weeks until the 30 days had passed since writing the most recent review. I only put the no follow tag to a few of the reviews and some weeks after filling in a reinculsion request I still hadn't had my PR back.

I then read on another blog that Matt Cutts had left comments about this sort of situation and the problem stems from the fact that bloggers aren't deleting or adding no follow to all the links. The reinclusion request team see this but don't actually tell you that your request was unsuccessful.

So I added no follow to all the links I could and did a re-inclusion request only to have it granted 2 days later.

So if you have requested your PR back and failed, make sure you have done everything you need to otherwise it probably won't get done. It seems however they base their decision on the use of the word "sponsored" so if you have done a review through blogsvertise for instance, they probably won't notice whether you have deleted the link or not.

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