Saturday, 9 February 2008

Update on Daily Dosh

A couple of months a go I wrote a post about how I used an article as a press release. Well, back when the Google updated the PR I decided to have a look to see of any of the article/press releases has any page rank. Well, the good news is that one of them had PR3. It think that's pretty good going and makes the experiment a success.

Another thing I had been doing to promote Daily Dosh was to exchange internal links and blogroll links with some people on Digital Point forums. This was pretty times consuming and not something I would really like to to again. I had so many people saying "I have a finance site, do you want to trade links?"

Of course I bloody want to trade links, that's the whole frickin' point!!!

Anyway, I now have a blog which is PR3. I get nothing in the way of traffic but I really need to dig more into the long tail terms. I wasn't expecting to get any traffic for the site as it was all going to be about selling reviews and links. I'll update it every now and again to keep it ticking over. Maybe one day I'll start to get traffic. I haven't really been doing the long tail article writing, this my only attempt: How to Get Rid of Credit Card Debt. Don't get any traffic to that article either. But I live in hope.

I'll just keep doing a few re-writes and bookmarking.

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