Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Choosing a Theme for Daily Dosh NET

Ideally I would have used the blog theme Blog Oh Blog V2.0 but decided I wanted the theme up and running quickly so used Clean Copy 2.

Blog Oh Blog and Advertising

The reason I wanted to use the BOB theme is because there is a space at the top for a banner. There aren't many themes that have this ability. Also I like the 2 right-hand sidebars which are ideal for more advertising.

I will at some point change to this theme but not for a while because I need to have a header designed and make some tweaks so that it works with various plugins.

Why I Choose Clean Copy 2

Sometimes things never get done because they are out of your comfort zone. I already have CC2 set up for various other blogs so installing it was very easy. Also the images that come with the PLR pack work well for the header graphic.

The time I have saved means I can get on with re-writing PLR, link exchanges etc.

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