Wednesday, 14 November 2007

An intro to making money from blogging

If you've done any online marketing or blogging at all you'll probably know about sites such as Sponsored Reviews, Pay Per Post and Blogsvertize. For those who don't what these sites do is connect advertisers with bloggers in order to promote their products or services.

As a blogger you can receive various amounts of money depending on what sort of Google Page Rank and alexa rankings you have. What you need to do is set up a blog, whether it be with self-hosted or on a free service like blogger or blogspot. Then start writing about the topic you have chosen a couple of times per week. Once your blog is one month old you can then sign up with blogsvertize who will probably start sending you jobs for about $5. Once the blog is 3 months old you can then sign up with the other services.

What a blogger needs to do is write about the company's website and give a review of it. Some companies look for honest opinions whilst others look for you to only write about the positives.

Anyway, I started just the other day and have been writing various articles about debt and set them up to autopost every 3 days. The site isn't currently indexed, has no PR and no traffic but in a month I hope to start earning some money writing reviews.


Mike Perry said...

Good luck with your money making and


April Kerr said...

Thanks, this is the first blog I have created where I will follow the progress of one blog.