Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Why I Choose the Finance Niche

UPDATE: My opinions on this matter have now changed. I am not interested in completing sponsored reviews, selling links or flipping blogs. I have still been getting backlinks to my daily dosh site but I'm not ranking well for terms. Instead I'm concentrating on much easier topics which I can rank very well for and is bringing me in traffic and also good money.

Review Jobs
- I've been a member of PPP for some time now and have been frustrated by the number of "pay day loans", "mortgage advice" and "credit card application" jobs that have been available. OK, so I could slip a few in now and again to my other blogs but I really think it can be a turn off if your readers are visiting your blog to read about health, gardening or cars.

They normally don't pay all that well ($5-10), unless you have a high PR. Although they also seem to have pretty low standards and don't require you write that much. Many of the jobs I've looked at don't require any PR and you only need to write 50-100 words.

Link Sales - I've also noticed that there is great demand for finance text links on sites like Digital Point Forums. This high demand has also pushed prices up higher than general hobby sites. I saw one person look for $18 per month for a PR4 link and there were a number of responses from people looking for further info. Normally you'll struggle to get $10 for other niches.

Re-Sale - Since the last PR update a number of blogs have gone up for sale for quite a few thousand $$$. Many of them have only been a few months old yet people are prepared to pay big bucks for sites which already have links, content, readers and income. I don't know if selling dailydosh.net is something that I'll do but it'll certainly be something to consider in a few months time. I would have to take into consideration my time and cost in creating content and getting links. This technique is often called "flipping".

Traffic Considerations - The finance market is pretty saturated. It would take a lot of work, time and links to get good ranking in Google. I'm not so concerned about this because a lot of advertisers are more interested in PR. The only problem is that Google has been taking away the PR of many bloggers who write sponsored reviews. This is why PPP have introduced RealRank which will eventually replace PR.

However other sites such as blogsvertize may keep using PR as their main way of calculating fees. One thing you'll learn about making money online is that there is no single "right" method. Don't expect things to stand still either, keep reading blogs and make sure you don't get left behind.

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