Thursday, 6 December 2007

Writing a Press Release to Promote Blog

When you read a lot of blogs about making money online they tell you to send a press release (PR). But how many of you have actually done this? The main reasons people are apprehensive is because:-
  • They have never written one before
  • They don't know if they have anything newsworthy
  • They are not an expert on the topic of their website
These are certainly the reasons that have I have. However some time ago I listened to an interview that Jim Morris did with Howie Schwartz who said that he simply sends out an article with intro to the effect of "we are proud to announce the launch of a new website called..."

So last week I decided to test this out. I re-wrote an article about debt and added in a quick intro. The result was that it was accepted on some distribution sites but rejected it because it wasn't in the traditional PR style. To see the PR I submitted to Press Exposure, click here.

If you use an article as a PR don't expect to get a ton of traffic however it does add to your overall linking strategy. Also, these PR distribution sites get no-where near the same amount of submissions as article directories so each link may carry more weight.

I haven't submitted to that many sites but here are the ones that accepted the article/pr:-


shy guy said...

Yes.. GOod info.. I want to do some Press Release to Promote my blog

lissie said...

thanks for the list: I must admit I have been too "scared" to get around to doing it - perhaps its about time I did!